My most recent book project called Sit! with poems by Matt Harvey has taken us in to the realm of dogs and their owners. This is a funny little book, a perfect gift for dog lovers (but not only!). This book is available in some selected local shops and directly from me if you send me an email

cost: £7.99 plus postage

Also still available is our previous book Mindless body spineless mind at 9.95 plus postage

I have been working as an illustrator for many years. For the children's books that I illustrated I used a fine rotering pen to draw the characters in black and white and then colour them in with ink, colour crayons or by computer. 

My books were published by Peter Hammer Verlag in Wuppertal, Germany. For the book "Schabernack" I received the Troisdorf Award for Book Illustration in 2004.